Planning a Bathroom Remodel

An effective way of enhancing your home’s resale value is through the implementation of a bathroom remodel. Planning such a venture, however, might not always be as easy as it sounds. Hiring a professional to handle such a project is advisable.

Some of the key factors you should consider with a Bathroom Remodeling project include:

Develop a Floor Plan

It’s essential to ensure that your changes suit the existing floor plan of the room. Fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets, and sinks should be scaled according to the space available to ensure reliable foot traffic. Installing a large vanity set in a small space, for example, would make it difficult to move around.

Permit Applications

Several activities will require a license from the local building authority to accomplish. Projects that involve room expansion, electrical wiring, or plumbing work will likely require a permit. Applying for these licenses early on is recommended when looking to reduce the timeline. Established contractors will generally apply for permits on their client’s behalf.

Payment Plans

Many established contractors offer a variety of payment plans for their clients. Finding a suitable payment plan can be a relief on your overall budget and allow you to integrate additional components into your venture. We offer high-quality remodeling solutions at affordable rates, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

Three Ways to Transform your Bathroom

The bathroom is arguably one of the primary sections of any home. Ensuring this area is fully functional is crucial to the quality of life you can enjoy when taking up residence. There are a few strategies involved that can transform your bathroom without costing you a small fortune.

Some great Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling strategies you can implement with a restricted budget include:

Tile Installation

Tile installation is an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck when looking to transform your bathroom’s appearance and enhance efficiency. You can choose from several alternatives depending on your budget and approach, with ceramic and porcelain representing the best options for moisture resistance.

LED Lighting

Improving your lighting options isn’t a strategy that’s considered with many bathrooms, but can greatly enhance the ambiance of the room. Installing LED lighting offers a smooth white light that encourages a calming atmosphere and effectively serves its purpose. It’s also extremely energy-efficient.

Installing New Fixtures

Another simple way to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom is by replacing fixtures such as faucets, mirrors, and towel racks. If you’re looking for a more pronounced change, you can target fixtures such as cabinets, sinks, and bathtubs. We offer a wide variety of bathroom remodeling services at affordable rates, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

Building a Wooden Deck

Wooden decks have become a common feature in millions of homes across the country. Installing this extension to your residence can have multiple benefits, but it’s essential to ensure that process is handled by professionals to ensure quality results.

Some essential factors to consider when hiring a Porch Builder to construct a wooden deck include:

Choosing the Right Species

There are numerous species of wood available in the market. Hardwoods are the best alternative for decks, as most of these options feature natural tannins and oils that enhance their resistance to threats such as rot and infestation. Some of the best species for decks include redwood, cedar, teak, and ipe.

Pressure Treated Lumber

If you’re seeking an affordable option featuring great value for money, pressure-treated lumber is a great alternative for wooden decks. This is timber exposed to arsenic, chromium, and copper within a vacuum. Treated wood enhances resistance to fungal decay, rot, and infestation. It’s significantly more affordable than exotic woods.

Reclaimed Wood

One of the main reasons that wood is a popular material with decks is how easily it can be sourced. Opting for reclaimed wood is a great way to integrate an eco-friendly initiative with your project. We offer multiple wood alternatives at affordable rates, so for the best deck-building services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

Common Deck Building Mistakes

A deck is an excellent addition to any residence when conducted appropriately. However, adding this extension to your home might not be as simple as it seems, and there are numerous issues to consider when undertaking such a building project.

Hiring professional Deck Builders is the best way of avoiding common mistakes that raise expenses. Some of these include:

Inadequate Footers

The footers play a major role in keeping the structure in place and maintaining stability. If you’re placing your footers in disturbed soil, you’ll need to dig at least 48 inches to ensure stability. Footers should also be placed below the frost line to avoid potential frost heave.

Blocking Means of Egress

A common building code related to deck-building activities is the extension shouldn’t block a means of egress. Egress can be defined as a clear pathway out of the building. If your deck blocks sections such as basement windows or trapdoors, it’s likely to face several fines.

Ignoring Permit Requirements

Most states in the US require homeowners to apply for a building permit before they can commence any decking project. Choosing to ignore this requirement can lead to hefty fines or a notice of demolition. If you would rather have someone else handle the documentation process on your behalf, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

Planning a Deck Rebuilding Project

If your deck has had little to no care in the past 2 or 3 years, planning a rebuild might be necessary to bring back its former glory.

Some issues that you and your Newton MA Deck Builders should consider when planning a rebuild include:

Sectional Renovations vs Complete Overhauls

Areas such as the guard railing, sections of the decking floor, joists, and footers are the likeliest places to meet with problems. If the issue is not widespread and has been cordoned to a particular side, you can choose to simply replace the affected area while leaving the rest of the deck intact.

DIY vs Hiring a Contractor

A DIY could be a good way to go when dealing with small areas. If you’re dealing with major issues such as a range of broken floorboards, a deteriorating railing system, or weakening footers, hiring a professional is crucial to properly address the matter. Hiring a contractor also ensures that any changes you make meet the regional building codes.

Acquiring a Permit

You’ll require a building permit before you can commence your project. This will involve submitting a scaled drawing of your plans to the local building authority for approval. If you would rather have your contractor handle all the licensing and paperwork, however, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

The Importance of Maintaining your Subfloors

Not many people think of the subfloors when it comes to home remodeling and repair projects. However, if you want to ensure your home is in tip-top condition, it’s crucial to examine the underbelly of the structure.

What are Subfloors?

Subfloors are the bottom-most section of the floor. It’s designed to provide a stable surface for the actual floor. Installing a suitable subfloor is crucial when looking to provide adequate strength and support. This section is an area to be considered when hiring a Remodeling Company to conduct an entire overhaul of the residence.

Why Protect the Subflooring?

As mentioned earlier, the subfloor plays a major role in the overall stability of the flooring. This section provides a level walking field for foot traffic, as well as providing an extra brace that accommodates the lateral movement of the joists. This section also offers extra support for live loads such as furniture, fixtures, and heavy appliances.

Caring for your Subfloor

Inspecting your subfloors can be conducted when working on a home remodeling project. This will generally involve stripping the overlying flooring and underlayment to get to the subflooring. Hiring an established contractor for this activity is highly recommended when looking for quality results. We offer a wide variety of contracting services, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

Choosing Materials for a Home Remodel

Spacious living room with large brick fireplace and white couches - Newton MA Home Remodeling Exponential Construction Corp.

If you’re thinking about a home remodeling project, one of the first aspects you should consider is the most suitable materials for the venture. Suitability will depend on what can be adapted to your needs and the environment.

Some of the aspects to consider when choosing material for a house Remodeling project include:

Durability vs. Longevity

Some materials offer impressive levels of longevity without necessarily matching similar heights when it comes to durability. Marble, for instance, can last for over 50 years with proper maintenance, but isn’t as resistant to aspects such as impact, pressure, and heat when compared to other alternatives.

Covered Products 

Hiring an established contractor is frequently suggested when looking to gain some kind of financial safety net after the project is complete. Leading firms in the industry feature warranties with their products, ensuring you’ll not be responsible for replacement expenses should they malfunction within a certain period.

Reclaimed and Recycled Alternatives

Opting for wood or metals that have been recycled lowers the potential cost and is a great eco-friendly alternative. One of the major trends in the real estate market recently has been the going green initiative, with many homeowners recognizing the benefits of sustainable living. We offer a wide range of affordable home remodeling solutions, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

How Long Does Remodeling Your Entire House Take?

A great way to improve the aesthetics of your home and potentially enhance the resale value is through a home remodeling project. One of the primary elements that make many people hesitate when it comes to pushing on with a remodel is the potential timeline involved with such a venture.

A home remodel can derail your daily routine, and a clear schedule is necessary when looking to have your Remodeling Contractors return things to order as soon as possible.

Remodeling Timelines

A remodel can last for just a couple of weeks or take up to 6 months. Any major construction work, especially when dealing with load-bearing walls, for instance, is likely to take 1 to 2 months at the least. It’s also wise to account for the delivery of necessary permits, as work cannot legally commence without this documentation.

Accounting for the Pre Construction Stage

A common mistake made by people calculating the potential timeline of a remodeling project is the failure to account for the pre-construction stage. This represents the architectural/design process, permit application, and material delivery. All of these elements play a major role in the overall period required for a remodeling venture. Hiring an established contractor is the best way to ensure any project is completed promptly, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

The Most Essential Aspects of a Home Remodel

White and brown themed living room with fireplace - Newton MA Home Remodeling Exponential Construction Corp.

Remodeling your home might not always be as simple as it sounds. There are multiple aspects to consider when undertaking such a project. Taking the time to plan out the process can play a significant role in your overall success. Some of the more important aspects to consider with a Home Remodeling Newton MA project include:


It’s essential to firmly establish the primary purpose of your remodeling project. An end goal should be tied to the various activities integrated into the venture. Common purposes can include aspects such as enhancing functionality, repairing damage, or upgrading the section. Once you determine your purpose, you can develop a remodeling strategy to meet your needs.

Safety Levels

Enhancing the safety levels is another crucial element that must be considered with a remodel. Ensuring that none of your changes block any existing paths of egress, for example, is crucial when looking to acquire a permit to get started. It’s also crucial to ensure you don’t overload the system with any electrical rewiring.


Appearance plays a crucial role when looking to spruce up your home for the market. Any remodeling work must not only be practical but enhance the overall presentation of the room as well. This can only be accomplished by established contractors in the remodeling industry, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

What Kitchen Upgrades to Make when Selling your Home

If you’re thinking about moving to a bigger place or have to relocate to another state, placing your house on the market is an essential part of the process. Revamping the place is a great way to enhance its resale value, and ensure that you can get the most out of the sale. 

Remodeling your kitchen, for instance, can raise the price by a couple of thousand – depending on the changes. Some great upgrades Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling firms can make to this section include:

Installing an Island

Kitchen islands are a great way to enhance functionality. The countertop can be used as an additional workspace or dining area, while cupboards can be placed on the bottom. Islands don’t necessarily have to be placed in the middle of a kitchen and can be a great solution to any dead space.

Low-Flow Plumbing

Enhancing efficiency and applying eco-friendly solutions have become trending prerequisites for buyers in the housing market. Installing low-flow plumbing mitigates the volume of water you spend with your domestic chores, lowering your utility bills in the process.

Revamping the Cabinets

You don’t necessarily have to replace your cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can make it look good as new while replacing the doors can effectively change its appearance. Hiring a trusted contractor to help with the process can ensure perfect results, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

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