How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

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Home renovations have grown in popularity in recent years, with millions of homeowners undertaking such a venture in one form or another. According to Forbes, a kitchen upgrade can cost between $5,000 and $60, 000 depending on the elements involved. As the number suggests, there’s no set budget when it comes to remodeling enterprises, and as such there’s no direct answer to the exact expenses involved with a particular endeavor. Forbes notes, for instance, that the integration of cabinets and countertops can cost an average of $150 per square foot. 

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) published a report that identified cabinets and installation ventures as two of the most expensive alternatives in the market – averaging at $6,550 and $4, 200 respectively. Appliances represented the third-most expensive option with an average cost of $3, 400, while plumbing was reported at a surprising average of $720, cheaper than flooring ($1,650) and lighting ($1, 050). Some major elements to keep in mind when considering a Kitchen Remodel include: 

Target Additional Coverage 

No matter your budget, any contractor you approach should provide several varieties of financial coverage with their services. Any established firm should be registered with the local authorities as well as have a general contractor license. It should be noted that there’s a difference between a registered company and a general contractor’s license. Companies that are licensed have undertaken an official test to gauge their capacity, while contractors can simply pay for registration. It’s crucial to find a contractor with a valid license, as such providers must be bonded or insured to acquire their credentials. Highlighting contractors with attractive packages such as long-term warranties and money-back guarantees are other simple ways to identify a good deal. It’s crucial to acquire such offers from established firms with enough presence in the market to not risk tarnishing their name. Little-known suppliers providing deals that sound too good to be true should be avoided as potential cons. 

Target the Old School 

 Another great option to consider when looking to lower expenses with your renovation is by targeting supplies that are no longer in vogue in the market. Opting for cabinets with swinging doors, for example, might be cheaper than sliding glass alternatives – simply because the former’s lack of demand has made it hard for suppliers to refresh their stock. In many cases, these alternatives still represent great quality and aesthetic appeal that stands out as a result of passing trends. The same strategy can be adopted with appliances as tech tends to progress in leaps and bounds when it comes to models and their upgrades. It’s crucial to ensure that you don’t opt for ancient cooking ware, however, when targeting old appliances. Generally speaking, any mechanical device shouldn’t be more than two years old in terms of its model. So when shopping in 2023, anything lower than 2021 should be avoided for the sake of tech compatibility. 

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