Kitchen Remodelling on a Budget

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The kitchen renovation industry has grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to the home improvement market. Numerous studies have reported this sector as one of the more popular options for homeowners when it comes to remodeling ventures. The potential investment involved with these upgrades, however, can tend to make some homeowners a bit tentative when making a final decision. However, several strategies can be implemented when working with a limited budget. According to Bank Rate, an average kitchen can cost between $25, 000 to $40, 000 to remodel, but these numbers can be reduced even further with the right approach. 

What to Consider When Keeping Prices Down with a Kitchen Remodel 

Vogue is Expensive 

The kind of fixtures involved with your remodel will always play a significant role in the overall budget required. Towing the monetary line when it comes to furnishing expenses might seem like a cheap cop-out but this isn’t always necessarily the case. One doesn’t always have to sacrifice quality when looking for lower prices. Opting for past trends in terms of designs can give you a better deal with shops trying to clear their stock for the new vogue styles. Hoosier cabinets, for instance, are an old-school affordable solution that can be revamped to blend with multiple stylistic directions. Wholesale suppliers also offer friendlier prices compared to boutique outlets that primarily focus on what they term upscale alternatives. However, established wholesale suppliers can generally provide the same quality fixtures at cost-effective rates due to their larger network in the industry. It’s worth noting that the source of the fixtures involved doesn’t automatically represent quality results. Opting for chic products or services might be more expensive compared to seeking orthodox wholesale providers. 

Refurbishing the Cabinets 

Replacing your cabinets is arguably one of the more expensive ventures of a renovation project. Bank Rate notes that replacing cabinets costs an average between $4, 000 and $13, 000 while Forbes reports that the average cost of a cabinet replacement stands at around $8, 200. Refurbishing cabinets will likely cost between 5% and 10% of the cost of replacing old versions with new alternatives. In most instances, the doors and shelving are the main aspects replaced with a refurbishment. 

Find the Right Sources 

The last thing to keep in mind involves the particular sources involved with a home improvement venture. The supplier you choose to deal with can play a significant role in the money one can potentially save. The contractor you hire can also affect the overall budget when it comes to aspects such as pricing and payment options. Going for the cheapest option in the market, however, isn’t advisable as one is likely to end up with lackluster products. Taking the time to go through the different alternatives available is crucial when seeking a cost-effective solution. An individual should also make a point of noting the quality of the work available as well as the price on offer when making a decision. 

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