Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

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One of the major elements to consider when thinking about undertaking a home improvement venture is where to start. Addressing an entire home with a remodel can be quite costly so most homeowners tend to focus on one room at a time. Multiple studies have identified the kitchen as one of the most popular areas targeted for a renovation project. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), the bathroom and kitchen remodeling sector was valued at $134 billion, representing a major portion of the general remodeling market in the US. NKBA stated that approximately 1 in 10 homes remodel their kitchen each year, which represents over 10 million kitchens annually. 

One of the major reasons that individuals gravitate towards the kitchen when initiating a renovation project is because of the numerous benefits involved. Some of these advantages include: 

Great Return On Investment (ROI) 

The kitchen offers one of the greatest ROIs available with a remodel, making it an effective investment. According to Zillow, a Wellesley MA Kitchen Remodel can feature an average ROI between 73.4% and 83.8%. This impressive return features major benefits for individuals planning to sell their house in the near future or rent it out. The better ROI enjoyed with a remodel, the higher the valuation of a residence, meaning a homeowner can charge more for rent or earn more money when putting it up for sale. It’s worth noting, however, that the potential ROI enjoyed with a renovation will depend on the particular activities involved with the upgrade. Zillow also reported that making minor changes tend to feature higher ROI levels compared to intensive projects, especially when the kitchen concerned is already functional. The real estate company reported that a minor remodel can have an average national return of 81.1%, while an upscale remodel will feature a national average of 53.5%. This can be because a major remodel will cost more, and as such the return will not be as significant when compared to the initial investment. 

Enhanced Functionality 

Another major reason that spurs homeowners to renovate their kitchen is the potential to increase the efficiency of the space involved. The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms involved, and ensuring everything is in working order is crucial to the standard of living enjoyed by a household. Professional contractors recommend focusing on functionality before moving to aesthetics. Although these upgrades might involve higher costs, they also offer long-term results when compared to superficial changes that only transform the appearance of a space. Aspects that are generally included with the functionality of a kitchen include storage, organization, layout, and performance. Implementing a work triangle, for instance, is a great way of improving the available workspace. This involves positioning the counter, cooking area, and fridge at points that make a triangle when traced. Such an arrangement makes it easier for people to maneuver from one area to another during meal preparation. Improving lighting is another effective means of increasing functionality and enhancing safety levels in the room. 

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