Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel

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According to a survey conducted by the research website Statista, 45% of a group of homeowners polled in 2022 stated that they had planned on remodeling their kitchen for a long time but did not have the funds. Global Market Insights have also projected kitchens to experience the highest rise, forecasting a 5% growth that will lead through to 2027. The popularity of kitchen remodels is arguably due to the multiple benefits that can be enjoyed from the venture, as well as the potential increase in the overall valuation of a homeowner’s residence. 

If you have never undertaken a Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling project before, things can get quite confusing if you’re not sure about where to start. Adequate preparation for this venture is key to the potential success that can be enjoyed from the venture. Some crucial aspects of properly preparing for a kitchen remodel include: 

Developing a Priority List 

Kitchen remodels can arguably be one of the more expensive projects undertaken with a residential renovation venture. Transforming this space by completely overhauling the entire area can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and as such individuals have to identify activities that are most needed – rather than trying to provide a blanket solution where everything is torn down and the homeowner starts from scratch. Prioritizing the issues that hold the most importance is crucial to the potential success enjoyed with a remodel. Established contractors recommend focusing on functionality before working on activities that will enhance aesthetics. Aspects such as plumbing and electrical wiring should be addressed before activities such as replacing cabinet doors and tile installations. 

Identifying a Suitable Contractor 

The next step involves finding a qualified contractor to oversee the project. Although DIY approaches have become quite popular in recent years – especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced individuals to find tasks to keep themselves busy while quarantined in their homes, hiring a professional is always advisable when working on major projects. Whereas simple activities such as painting and fixing rusty hinges can be done on your own, larger objectives involving sensitive areas such as plumbing and electrics can be dangerous to tackle without the proper expertise and experience. It can also lead to significant losses as the wrong move in such areas can lead to massive damage and skyrocketing costs. Generally speaking, leaving anything that requires a permit to accomplish should be left to a certified professional with a credible history and valid insurance. There are numerous options available in the market, so it’s crucial not to rush your decision when looking to find the perfect candidate for your particular needs. 

Permit Application 

Another crucial aspect to consider is the legality of your activities. Depending on the approach adopted with your remodeling project, you might need to apply for several permits to ensure everything is done above board and the changes can be legally accounted for. Having your Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling contractors undertake this responsibility on your behalf is an effective means of ensuring successful application. Contractors will be more familiar with the local building codes so the applications will likely meet all the building authority’s requirements the first time around. 

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