Planning an Effective Home Remodel

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Home remodeling has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so, with millions of homeowners upgrading their residences in one way or another. Statista has valued the US home improvement market at $538 billion, with the report claiming that individuals have found renovating their homes preferable to purchasing a new house. This is because of the rising real estate prices experienced in most Western countries, pricing many households out of a potential move. Remodeling one’s home, however, can have a great impact on the quality of life enjoyed by its residents, and the right approach can transform the areas involved into a whole new space. 

Some crucial elements to consider when planning an effective Home Remodelling Newton MA project include: 

Work with the Room’s Layout 

One of the most important elements to keep in mind when working on a home improvement venture is integrating the room’s layout into the essential design. A layout simply refers to the shapes and dimensions involved with a space. In general terms, the layout of a room primarily consists of the floor plan. Identifying the relationships between spaces and physical objects from an aerial perspective is a good way to highlight traffic paths – allowing individuals to move around with ease. Any physical changes should be designed to contour the shape of the boundary walls as well as create enough space for aisles and pathways. Installations or expansions shouldn’t block any areas of egress, which refers to any open entryways/exits, doors, and windows. Such areas should be easily accessed from any part of the room. An individual should never feel blocked in case of emergencies. 

Integrating Smart Upgrades 

Technology in the home living sector has taken major strides over the years, making them one of the more popular alternatives when it comes to home improvement upgrades. Statista released a study that found while traditional sectors such as bathrooms and kitchens are still popular with many renovations, high-tech residential solutions have also gained massive popularity in recent years. The research website reported that over 500 million homeowners will have integrated some kind of smart solution into their residences by 2025. Hiring an established Home Remodelling Newton MA professional is recommended when dealing with any security upgrade. Amateur installers might expose your sensitive information voluntarily or in error, leaving you prone to cyber-attacks and physical invasions. 

Acquiring Permits 

The permit application process is an aspect that’s missed by many homeowners undertaking a renovation, especially those approaching the venture as a DIY. However, most extensive remodeling projects will likely require several permits to be conducted legally. Anything dealing with structural change such as demolishing or adding a wall to a space, for instance, will require a building permit. Activities that change the existing plumbing network or electrical wiring will require permits as well. Established contractors will generally apply for any permits on their client’s behalf. Failure to get appropriate approval for a renovation can lead to large fines, and will potentially lower any return on investment (ROI) enjoyed from the project. 

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