All You Need to Know About Interior Remodelling Projects

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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the stagnation of numerous industries, but the home improvement sector was one of the few sectors to experience an inverse response. This market reflected impressive growth as a result of lockdown protocols incentivizing individuals to turn their attention to indoor commitments. DIYs and professional remodeling thus came to the forefront as people tried to make their abode as welcoming as possible. Spending hours in the same place encouraged individuals to improve those spaces. This remodeling trend hasn’t bucked with the return of normal social settings, with Statista projecting the global market valuation to surpass $800 billion by 2025. 

A survey conducted by Statista found that interior projects were unsurprisingly the most popular remodeling ventures in 2022 with 72% of respondents having conducted some sort of upgrade during this period. Landscaping and outdoor upgrades, however, were a close second with 54% and 59% of the respondents having respectively participated in such ventures. Choosing between the exterior and interior facade is one of the primary decisions involved with any home improvement project. Both offer a wide variety of benefits but also involve varying requirements and considerations. 

What to Consider with Interior Renovations 

Needham MA Remodelling projects offer a wide scope of options as there are multitudes of stylistic directions available. Statista reported that one of the major reasons that individuals remodeled their kitchens was that they were tired of their current appearance. The same argument can be said about most rooms, although established contractors insist that any renovation project should be motivated by functionality and not aesthetics. The kitchen and the bathroom are arguably the most popular places to start a remodeling project. These sections also represent the highest ROIs when it comes to interior home improvements. 

The Importance of Functionality 

As mentioned earlier, the functionality of a room should play a leading role in the decision-making process of any Needham MA Remodelling project. This involves highlighting any performance issues present in the home and prioritizing them on the to-do list. In some cases dealing with multiple elements spread across the house such as the plumbing or electrical wiring offers better results compared to targeting a specific space. Smart lighting, for example, is a solution that can be implemented across different rooms, benefiting the entire household. The kind of activities involved with an interior remodel can also determine additional elements such as permit acquisition. Anything dealing with structural changes in the house, for example, will require a building permit. That can include ventures such as demolishing a wall or even installing a new window. Changes to the plumbing and electrical wiring will also require official approval. Superficial changes like painting walls or changing light fixtures, however, can be accomplished without applying for approval. 

Hiring a Reliable Contractor 

A common mistake made by millions of homeowners is approaching most remodeling projects as a means of lowering potential costs. This isn’t always an advisable strategy, however, as the long-term losses experienced as a result of amateurish mistakes could far outweigh the potential labor costs of an established company. For high-quality remodeling services at pocket-friendly prices, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor! 

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