DIY vs. Hiring Professional Deck Builders

One of the major elements to consider when thinking about adding a deck to your home is whether to handle the construction personally or hire a professional to get the job done. There are several elements to consider when making this choice. It’s crucial to consider all aspects involved before coming to a final decision.

Handling the Construction as a DIY

If you have no prior expertise with construction projects, handling your deck-building project as a DIY is not advisable. The kind of deck you’re building will also determine the success of a DIY decking venture. A floating deck, for instance, doesn’t require a lot of construction expertise as it’s detached from the house and doesn’t involve features such as ledger boards, joists, and footers.

Hiring a Professional Builder

If you’re looking to get the most out of your venture, enlisting professional Needham MA Deck Builders with experience ensures no amateurish mistakes are involved with the construction. This is a crucial aspect when it comes to adhering to the building codes involved with building a deck. Failure to do so can lead to hefty fines.

In conclusion, hiring a professional when working on a decking project is recommended unless you have professional construction experience. For reliable deck-building services at affordable rates, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

Choosing an Alloy for your Decking Project

One of the major elements involved with a deck building project is the primary materials implemented with the construction. One of the leading alternatives that have come to the forefront in recent times is metal alloys.

Some of the elements you need to consider when choosing a metal alloy with your Porch Builder include:


Malleability refers to a metal’s ability to be shaped into varying forms without breaking. This allows a builder to easily handle the material when implementing a particular design with their construction, enabling them to implement different angles and curvatures to their work. Malleable metals will require lower volumes of construction material.

Corrosion Resistance

The metal you choose must be highly resistant to corrosion. If you live in an area that experiences frequent rainfall or snow, finding a metal that’s highly resistant to corrosion greatly enhances the longevity of your structure. Stainless steel and aluminum represent two popular options when considering corrosion resistance.

Heat Conductivity

If your deck’s design will incorporate metal with its railing, choosing an option with low thermal conductivity is advisable to avoid burning your hand during the hotter seasons of the year. You can encourage this aspect by combining metal with material such as wood. For quality metal decking building services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

Types of Residential Decks

Building a deck might not always be as straightforward as you think. There are multiple aspects to consider, with one of the leading elements being the particular design suitable for your needs. These extensions can be categorized into several types. Some of the popular options include:

Traditional Porches

Established Deck Builders will tell you that you can never go wrong with a classic. If you’re working on a limited budget, integrating various frills and features can strain your finances. Focusing on a simple design is a great way to mitigate your funds. The archetypical square or rectangular design can still enhance curb appeal.

Wraparound Decks

A wraparound deck surrounds your home in its entirety or covers a major section. This approach enhances the square footage of your home, improving your residence’s resale value in the process. They’re, however, more expensive than other alternatives because of the perimeter covered, and also require plenty of yard space to implement.

Floating Decks

Floating decks are a great option for individuals looking to build a deck on a budget. These designs are not attached to the home, and therefore don’t need any permit to install, and allow for larger levels of flexibility as the fact that they’re detached from the house means they can be placed anywhere. For reliable deck-building services in the market, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

What to Consider when Building a Deck

As simple as a deck might seem, there are several issues you’ll need to consider when looking to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of this space. Some essential factors to consider when building a deck include:

Hiring a Professional Contractor

Numerous things can go wrong when approaching a DIY deck-building project as a DIY. If you have no prior expertise or experience, hiring certified Needham MA Deck Builders greatly enhances your chances of success. It also provides a financial safety net against any potential mistakes.

Scheduling Preferences

There are multiple elements to consider when determining the best time for your project. Planning for the summer is a popular option as the season features multiple holidays that will offer homeowners an opportunity to personally supervise the process. This can be a crucial aspect as having strangers in your home during your absence is rarely a comfortable thought, no matter the credibility of the workforce involved.


Your available budget will play a significant role in determining aspects such as your primary decking material, the size of the deck, and the particular design involved. Going for the cheapest options in the market is never advisable, as you’re likely to get what you pay for. Some established contractors offer various payment packages with their services. For high-quality deck-building services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

Transforming your Attic into a Gameroom

Living room with sliding glass door and furniture after a home remodel - Exponential Construction Corp Newton MA Home Remodeling

The attic can be a tricky place to deal with when working on a home remodel. Transforming this area into a game room can be a great means of utilizing the attic and maximizing your home’s space.

Strengthening the Floor

Having your Remodeling Contractors reinforce the base of your attic floor is crucial when working on a game room. This room will likely host multiple people who will likely be moving about, as well as bear a load of heavy gaming systems housed in independent seating decks. You can accomplish this by strengthening the floor joists through a bridging process.

Integrate Natural Light

Adding a few extra windows to the attic can enhance the amount of natural light coming into the room, as well as encourage ventilation. If there isn’t enough space to install a vertical window, adding skylights is an effective affordable alternative. Skylights will also have a further reach in terms of natural light access to the room.

Carpeting and Insulation

Installing a carpet to your attic’s floor and insulating your walls are effective ways of encouraging heat retention. As the topmost part of a residence, the attic tends to be colder than the rest of the house. If you’re planning to spend extended periods in this region, padding this room enhances potential comfort levels. For more attic remodeling ideas, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

Utilizing your Deck as a Family Space

Modern trends have led to the emergence of various enhancements that allow individuals to add to the functionality and purpose of their decks. One of the more popular trends with decks has been transforming it into a space the whole family can enjoy. 

Some of the effective ways Deck Builders can accomplish this objective include: 

Incorporating a Seating Space 

Adding patio furniture to your deck is a simple but effective way of encouraging friends and loved ones to spend more time on the deck. A seating area allows small groups to spend time in this section enjoying a cool evening breeze or escaping the stifling heat on a sunny afternoon. 

Installing an Outdoor Grill 

Another popular addition to modern decks in recent times has been grilling areas and other cooking enhancements. Everyone loves a weekend barbeque and what better way to accommodate such an event than by installing a grill in one corner of the porch where people can gather for a good meal and friendly conversation. 

Constructing a Play Pen Area 

If you have a toddler or two in the house, incorporating a playpen section on the deck allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still keeping a close eye on their activities. Children will be less inclined towards rest and relaxation and will need something to keep them busy when in this area. For more practical decking solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…

Affordable Remodeling Tips to Transform your Home

Contrary to popular belief, home remodeling projects don’t always have to feature a major financial investment. Homeowners can still enjoy satisfactory results when working with a mitigated budget.

Some helpful tips can you can implement when seeking affordable Home Remodeling Framingham MA solutions include:

Implementing Reclaimed Materials

Integrating recycled products with a home renovation project has become a trending approach in the past few years. Not only is this approach eco-friendly, but is arguably more affordable than the implementation of freshly sourced material. There are multiple options available with reclaimed material including wood, glass, and natural stone.

Opt for ENERGY STAR Certified Appliances

ENERGY STAR is a label that is given to appliances that meet a strict set of guidelines and are subject to a continuous verification system. This standard was implemented by the government to encourage the production of energy-efficient products. Integrating these appliances will lower your utility expenses in the long run.

Remodel During the Off Season

Planning the remodel for the later summer or early winter will allow you to find more pocket-friendly packages, as demand tends to be low during this period – leading firms to slash prices to attract clients. If you’re looking for high-quality home remodeling services at an affordable rate, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

Prepping for a Paint Job

Although hiring a Remodeling Company is always advisable when dealing with an extensive paint job, undertaking the prepping stage can be an effective means of mitigating labor costs.

The primary stages involved with prepping for a paint job include:

Clearing the Room

The first stage of any paint job involves removing all portable items from the space involved including any furnishings, fixtures, and carpets. Items that may be too bulky to move should be placed at the center of the room to allow for a clear pathway for the workforce and covered with a tarp. Movable objects should be placed in an adjacent section.

Cleaning the Space

The next stage involves cleaning the area involved and removing any dust and debris. You can give the walls a light scrub using a towel and some warm water with soap. Stubborn stains can be addressed with a dab of vinegar. Cleaning encourages a smooth surface area that’s easier for the painters to work on upon arrival.

Providing a Clean Up Area

The painters will likely need a place to wash their hands and potentially rinse their tools. Offering a garden hose is the easiest solution for this particular need, but you can also collect water in a couple of old buckets placed over a tarp indoors. For the best home remodeling and paint jobs in the country, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

What to Consider with an Ensuite Bathroom

Connecting an ensuite bathroom next to this space can greatly transform the functionality and hosting capacity of this space. Some essential aspects to consider when integrating an ensuite bathroom with your Remodeling venture include:


The addition of an ensuite bathroom represents a significant investment, as numerous major tasks have to be accomplished to complete the mission. The project will first require the expansion of the bedroom, as well as the resetting of the plumbing network to accommodate the installation of a shower or bathtub. Finding a contractor with an applicable payment plan is advisable when working on such projects.

Permit Application

The activities involved with the integration of an ensuite bathroom mean that you’ll need several permits to commence your venture. The installation of a bathtub/shower will require a plumbing permit, while changes to the lighting or socket placement will need an electrical permit. You’ll also need a building permit to connect the bathroom to your bedroom.

Bathtub vs. Shower Stalls

If you’re working with limited space you might have to choose between a bathtub or a shower stall. Larger spaces that can incorporate a tub can enjoy the best of both worlds by installing a shower head above the tub. If you’re looking to add an ensuite solution to your bedroom at an affordable rate, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

Enhancing Security with a Home Remodel

The continued rise in violence and crime around the country has unfortunately meant that security represents a significant aspect when ensuring the safety of the household.

There are several options available to homeowners looking to work with a Remodeling Company to boost their security levels, some of these include:

Motion-Sensored Lighting

Installing motion-activated security lights around the perimeter of your home can be an effective means of scaring off potential burglars. Most thieves tend to buck at the first sign of exposure, and the sudden activation of light as they make their way to your home can be a great deterrent in preventing them from venturing any further.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks have grown in popularity since the vulnerabilities of key card systems have been exposed. The surety that the provision of unique fingerprints brings to the security system means that it’s almost impossible for an individual to bypass this kind of locking system – discouraging potential intruders from trying to gain entry.

Security Cameras

Camera surveillance has been a proven method in the security industry for decades. Positioning cameras in different sections inside and outside of the house can deter potential burglaries and provide effective monitoring solutions. To schedule a security remodeling consultation for your particular needs, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.…