What to Ask Your Home Remodeling Contractor

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One of the major issues to consider when planning a home remodeling project is whether to approach it as a DIY or hire a professional contractor. Contrary to popular belief, approaching this venture as a do-it-yourself endeavor doesn’t always guarantee lower expenses. If you don’t have the expertise or experience needed with your project, hiring a professional is your best shot at staying within budget. An established professional is likely to have more success working with a limited budget compared to an amateur. As such, hiring a contractor is advisable when working with limited funds. 

It’s worth noting that there are thousands of choices in the market and not every Home Remodeling Newton MA service provider represents a viable choice. Identifying a suitable candidate for your needs is crucial to your chances of success. It’s important to schedule an interview with any candidate before making a final decision. Some of the subjects you should tackle during this meeting include: 

Do you Have the Required Licenses to Conduct this Work? 

The first element to confirm is whether a candidate has all the necessary licenses to conduct an extensive renovation project. Different activities will require varying licenses, so it’s essential to ensure your contractor has certification that covers all the bases. The kind of license required will depend on the region involved. In Massachusetts, individuals are required to pass the Construction Supervisor License (CSL) exam that covers the region’s building codes and reference standards, before they can obtain a license. You can confirm a contractor’s license by running the registration number through the online database provided by your local municipality. 

Are you Insured? 

Your chosen candidate should also be insured against all possible threats that might take place in this environment. Established contractors should have two primary packages that cover the workplace and workforce. General liability insurance is designed to cover any potential accidents that might occur during the construction. A worker’s compensation package is designed to provide medical coverage to employees in case of any injuries that happen during the project. Such coverage is crucial as its absence can potentially put you on the firing line in terms of liability. If the contractor you hire is not insured, you will likely be financially responsible for any problems encountered during the venture. 

Do you Have a List of References? 

Looking at past projects will give you a good idea of the capabilities of a potential candidate. An established Home Remodeling Newton MA contractor should have a verifiable list of past projects that are similar to your needs. The clients should preferably be established corporations as well, removing the chance for false testimonials. In most cases, a contractor will have a number of present and previous clients listed on their website, as well as some details regarding the related projects. You can also investigate the potential capabilities of a contractor through independent website reviews such as Amazon and Yelp. 

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