Trending Deck Designs in 2023

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Adding a deck to your home can have multiple benefits if the structure is erected according to the codes and regulations guiding its construction. Statista reported that there were over 40 million decks in the US as of 2019, reflecting the popularity of this fixture with the residential market. A report published by IBIS World found that the deck and patio market was estimated to bring in a revenue of approximately $934.3 million in 2023. The progressive strides enjoyed by the construction and design market have also enhanced the number of options available to homeowners looking to install this extension to their residences. Some of the leading decking trends taking over the market in 2023 include: 

Composite Decking 

Going green has been a movement that’s gradually taken hold of the Framingham MA Deck Builders industry in recent years. There are multiple eco-friendly solutions to choose from when it comes to the building sector, with composite decking representing a favorite for outdoor extensions. This material is a blend of plastic and wood fibers combined with a bonding agent to create a sturdy artificial material for outdoor structures. Composite decks have become a popular feature as their components are generally sourced from recycled products, making them an eco-friendly alternative for homeowners. They are also available in several colors and designs, and can also mimic natural materials such as stone and wood. Composite decking is also highly durable, with quality products lasting between 10 to 30 years with proper care. 

Designated Decking 

Another popular trend has been to design decks for a specific purpose instead of a simple, leisurely extension. Barbeque spots are arguably one of the more popular options available in the market when it comes to this approach. Millions of homeowners across the country have taken to setting up an area where they can host a few people as they enjoy some barbeque and a cool breeze. Audio-visual sections have also become a leading attraction with younger generations situated in urban areas. Installing a screen and audio system where you can stream what you please is an effective way of enhancing the hosting capacity of a space. This particular solution, however, does require individuals to take the concept of security into serious consideration, as leaving valuable devices outdoors isn’t advisable without taking the necessary precautions. Having Framingham MA Deck Builders firmly fix the screens and monitors in high-level areas that can’t be easily reached is recommended, as well as, integrating camouflage devices that blend into the environment unnoticed. 

Contemporary Seclusions 

If you like your privacy, one of the major shortcomings of a deck can be its positioning. Individuals with closed-off backyards have chosen to install this extension at the rear of the house for the sake of privacy. The idea of having strangers free to observe all activities taking place in this area somewhat downplays the functionality of a deck as a hosting space. Individuals with no enclosed space to turn to can integrate fence railings with a solid design. This strategy is a great way to kill two birds with one stone as decks are required to install railings when 30 inches or more above ground. A solid fence design meets the railing code requirement while offering adequate levels of privacy. Individuals thinking about applying a more aesthetic approach can opt for privacy screens. 

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