Stages of a Deck Building Project

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According to the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), there are approximately 60 million decks in the US, with 50 million of these extensions found in residential homes. Decks have been viewed as a prominent feature for homes over the past few decades. Its presence automatically enhances the potential resale value of a house, and it can be a great way to boost the overall functionality of the residence. 

Familiarizing yourself with the primary stages undertaken by Newton MA Deck Builders is a good way to prepare for the construction project. Some of the key phases include: 

Developing a Design 

You will first need to settle on the type of deck you want in terms of design before doing anything else. There are numerous alternatives to consider in this category, but it’s worth noting that this aspect is also influenced by multiple elements. The functionality of the deck, for instance, will be one of the leading issues that will determine a suitable blueprint for your needs. Your available budget will also be another major factor that will help you narrow down your available options. Multi-level decking, for instance, will be costlier than a one-tier option, while the kind of materials involved will also be governed by available finances. 

Permit Application 

Once you have settled on a design, the next stage involves applying for a permit from the relevant local building authorities. A majority of regions require homeowners to acquire a deck-building permit before they can commence their construction process. This involves the submission of scaled drawings of your deck as well as filling out an application. The design should adhere to all the building codes of your region, including a railing system if the deck is 30 inches or more above ground, and a minimum of four-inch treads on the stair steps. 

The Construction Stage 

Once you have acquired approval for your construction (which can take between 7 to 30 days depending on the region involved), you can commence construction. The major aspect to consider at this stage is whether to handle the project as a DIY or hire professional Newton MA Deck Builders to take on the venture. If you have no prior experience with building decks, hiring a contractor is your best chance of success. Established contractors will guarantee you quality results and offer you a safety net in case of any accidents or subpar work. It’s essential to ensure that you identify a reliable contractor. There are numerous alternatives available in the market, but not every candidate represents a viable option for your needs. Taking the time to go through the alternatives before settling on a suitable provider is recommended when looking for quality results. 

Collecting Debris 

The final stage involves the clean-up process, another stage that many people don’t consider. It should be noted that the collection of this debris is crucial to the project as this activity is regulated by local rules and regulations. It’s also essential to ensuring the safety of the environment as well as aesthetics. 

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