Enhancing the Safety of Your Deck

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Decks have become one of the most popular outdoor fixtures with extensive home improvement ventures. Numerous benefits can be enjoyed with the installation of this extension, but a few homeowners remain hesitant about undertaking such a construction project. The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) noted that over 40 million decks in the country are over 20 years old, and as such in need of an inspection. The severity of any potential instability in this fixture shouldn’t be taken lightly, with NADRA reporting 30 deaths between 2000 and 2008 as a result of decks collapsing. Ensuring the safety of this area should be paramount with upkeep and maintenance duties. 

Some effective strategies Newton MA Deck Builders recommend when looking to increase the safety levels enjoyed in this space include: 

Ensuring the Structure is Up to Code 

Most regions require homeowners to apply for a deck-building permit when undertaking such construction. Approval for the process requires individuals to submit blueprints of the intended structure to ensure the extension’s design is in line with the codes regulating the construction of decks. The primary reason behind the need for a building permit is to ensure that any structure erected meets the general safety standards highlighted by the local building authorities. All orthodox decks are required to have railing if they’re 30 inches or more above the ground. The steps should also have railings and the treads should share fairly uniform dimensions. Balusters should have a minimum of 4 inches between them, as this is considered the safest margin when preventing toddlers from sticking their heads between the posts. In short, building one’s deck according to code automatically raises the safety standards enjoyed, and ensures one avoids any hefty fines or demolition notices in the future. 

Installing Adequate Lighting 

Having your Newton MA Deck Builder install an extensive series of lighting is another effective means of increasing the safety levels in this area. Sections such as stairs and railings should be targeted when looking to light pathways as a means of avoiding accidents. This approach is also a great way to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of this area. Task lighting, which is brighter than other alternatives can be focused along the stairs and edges of the deck, while ambient lighting can be set across the seating area to encourage a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are multiple options available when it comes to installation strategies, with LED strip lighting gaining massive traction in recent years. These fixtures represent a sleek but effective lighting solution that can be positioned in a variety of styles that not only provides illumination but enhances the overall aesthetics of the space. 

Clear the Pathways 

Ensuring that no means of egress is blocked as a result of furnishings of the positioning of the deck is essential to safety. There should always be a clear pathway that provides a central path toward the exit/entrance of the deck. Professionals recommend installing decks with two means of egress in case of emergencies. Such an approach ensures individuals can clear the area without creating a stampede at the top of the stairs. 

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