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One of the best ways of enhancing the overall functionality of your home as well as improving curb appeal is through the addition of a deck. These fixtures also greatly increase the potential resale value of a house for homeowners who might be thinking about placing their property on the market. One of the popular misconceptions that make some people a bit hesitant about delving into such a project is the potential expenses involved. However, contrary to popular belief, building a deck doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. 

There are several strategies you can implement when looking to mitigate the costs of your construction project. Some of the strategies your Wellesley MA Porch Builder might recommend include: 

Implementing Affordable Materials 

One of the most effective approaches you can adopt when targeting this objective is seeking cost-effective material for your construction. There are several decking materials available in the market, with some options representing affordable alternatives that represent great value for money. Simply going for the lowest price in the market, however, is never an advisable strategy. Pressure-treated lumber represents one of the best options in this category, as it’s inexpensive, but features adequate levels of quality regarding aspects such as longevity and durability. Composite decking represents another great option when looking to keep costs down, while reclaimed wood can represent a good option depending on the kind of lumber involved.

Mitigating the Size of Your Deck 

Another great way to keep costs down is to make a point of not going overboard with your design. There are numerous options you can choose from when it comes to shapes and dimensions, but sticking to traditional options is advisable when working on a limited budget. According to multiple reports, the industry standard when it comes to decks lies between 200 and 400 square feet on average – as these dimensions represent a great reliable option for hosting small groups of people. Square and rectangular designs can also be recommended by your Wellesley MA Porch Builder when looking to keep costs down, as complex shapes are likely to raise expenses related to materials and labor costs. 

Target the Off Season 

Many people tend to initiate their deck-building project during the summer because of the climate involved, as well as the multiple holidays available during this period. This trend tends to raise the demand for such services at this time of the year, which can lead to higher costs. However, depending on your region, the late fall or early winter can also represent a suitable period for construction as the weather hasn’t completely turned on its head and outdoor renovation projects can still be initiated. The demand is also likely to experience a drastic fall during this time. Many contractors will result in lowering their prices and offering other financially attractive packages in a bid to attract the small number of consumers available in the market. 

Undertaking your deck-building project as a DIY is not advisable unless you happen to be an expert, as the potential for a multitude of mistakes is likely to increase the money you would spend in the long run. For quality deck-building services at the friendliest prices, so call us today! Exponential construction, your preferred contractor!

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