Benefits of Installing a Residential Deck

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Installing a deck in your home is one of the most effective solutions available in the market when it comes to exterior home improvement ventures. Millions of homes across the US feature this extension in their homes, with millions more planning its addition. Whereas in the past residential decks were commonly related to luxury homes, modern architecture has allowed for the easy integration of these fixtures for the past few decades. According to IBIS World, the deck and patio industry holds a valuation of over $900 million, portraying the demand for these features when it comes to residential upgrades. 

Some of the primary benefits enjoyed by hiring a Wellesley MA Porch Builder include: 

Enhanced Resale Value 

Decks represent one of the largest potential returns on investment (ROIs) available with exterior remodeling projects. Their addition is a great idea for homeowners thinking about placing their home on the market or putting it up for rent. Multiple studies have reported that a deck installation project can feature an ROI of between 50% to 80%. The potential gains returned will depend on the quality of the structure, as well as aspects such as design and location. It should also be noted that a homeowner will need to acquire all the necessary permits to construct their deck when looking to enjoy a full-scale return on investment. Residential decks should be registered with the local building authority and meet all the building codes related to the erection of this structure. The addition of traditional fixed decks also automatically increases the square footage of the house, which raises the potential valuation of the residence in turn. It should be noted that the kind of deck implemented with this installation project should be a suitable match for the house. Building an excessively large deck for an average-sized house, for example, will not enhance resale value because of the significantly increased square footage, but rather lower it because of the impracticality of the structure. Quality materials should also be implemented with its construction when looking to gain maximum returns. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal 

Decks have long been considered an aesthetic addition to any home. This fixture can act as an extension of the interior living space, bringing the coziness of the interior into the cool breeze of the outdoors. Hiring an established Wellesley MA Porch Builder is crucial when looking to accomplish quality results when it comes to aesthetics. Remodeling firms specializing in the provision of this structure offer a wide variety of designs as well as bespoke solutions to match any architecture. Their addition also instills a grandiose facade regarding curb appeal, enhancing the presence of a house from the street, and giving it a higher sense of prestige. 

Additional Hosting Space 

One of the major uses of decks is as an entertainment area for the days and nights when it’s too hot to stay indoors. Apart from enhancing the curb appeal of a residence, the deck provides an area where individuals rest and relax after a long day. Integrating designated sections into this fixture can increase its functionality, making the extension even more useful. A portable grill, for example, can be great for individuals who would like to host small barbeques during the holidays and weekends. 

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