Choosing the Right Tile for Your Remodel

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There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to home renovation projects, and making a final decision can seem like a chaotic commitment with all the activities available. If you’re working on an extensive project, choosing a versatile solution can be an effective way of mitigating the expenses involved with the upgrade. Tiling solutions have long been one of the leading options when it comes to interior and exterior remodeling ventures. This flexible alternative can be adapted to a wide array of projects, as well as blend in with numerous stylistic directions. Finding the perfect fit for your particular needs requires one to consider several aspects when seeking an appropriate solution. 

Some of the main issues to consider when thinking about the best tiles for your venture include: 

The Area Involved 

The first element to consider when hiring Remodelling Contractors for a tiling project is the area involved. As mentioned earlier, tiles are highly versatile and can be implemented in both interior and outdoor ventures. However, its versatility doesn’t implement a one size fits all approach, and one has to find suitable matches for their particular needs. Interior residential projects have a wide variety to choose from as numerous materials can be integrated into such environments. Areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, however, will require special consideration because of the nature of their environments. The bathroom is an area placed under near-constant humid conditions and is prone to wet surfaces in more cases than not. As such, the tiles installed in this section will need to be highly water-resistant. Anything susceptible to moisture or regular exposure to water like wood tiles will barely last a month after installation. Porcelain and ceramic tiles will be the best options for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Flooring vs Walls 

The particular area of the room involved is also something that has to be considered. Flooring projects should integrate Grade 3 to 5 porcelain or ceramic tiles to ensure durability and longevity for areas with regular traffic. Remodeling Contractors also recommend homeowners avoid second-grade or B-grade tiles, which are simply lower-grade tiles that come with no guarantee from the manufacturer/supplier. Materials such as glass should never be used for floors because of their fragility. Exterior projects will have fewer options compared to interior remodeling options when it comes to tiles, but there are still multiple alternatives to choose from. Concrete tiles are generally the best option when it comes to paving solutions and other areas likely to experience heavy traffic. 

Available Budget 

Going for the cheapest option is never recommended with tiling decisions These projects usually occupy significant spaces and the wrong choice can be costly to replace. However, there are several viable solutions available to individuals with a mitigated budget. Concrete and engineered stone represent the best options for heavy-duty work, while pressure-treated lumber can be integrated into outdoor settings such as foyers and patios. Porcelain, ceramic, wood, and PVC represent the more affordable options for interior solutions. 

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