Enhancing your Kitchen’s Storage

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Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most effective ways to enhance the overall resale value of one’s residence whilst improving the area’s functionality and the potential standard of living enjoyed by a household. One of the best strategies to employ when working in this section is enhancing storage. This element plays a key element in any kitchen design and can significantly influence aspects such as organization, aesthetics, and functionality. However, appropriately addressing your kitchen’s storage needs isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Some important issues to keep in mind when seeking the right solution include: 

Integrating Shelving and Shelf Risers 

One of the easiest ways to enhance storage with your Kitchen Remodeling is through the integration of a shelving network. These fixtures offer a great means of installing multiple storage solutions in minimal space. They’re great for elements such as spices, cutlery, and dishes. Adding shelf risers to the cabinets is a great way to utilize a larger volume of vertical space. Installing shelves and risers represents a quick and straightforward solution for kitchen storage as no permit is needed. Some kits come with easy set-up plans that allow individuals to implement a DIY approach. Hiring an established contractor, however, is always recommended when dealing with permanent fixtures. A retail and trade report by the research website Statista stated that shelves represented 38% of the market in kitchen storage solutions. According to House Digest, shelf installation can cost between $200 and $4000 depending on the particulars involved. Prefabricated solutions can be retrieved from multiple retail and general stores. 

Drawers and Deep Cabinetry 

Installing a series of drawers underneath the countertops combined with deep base cabinets is a great way to get the most out of dead space. This is an especially effective solution when dealing with island countertops. Base cabinets in this sector are arguably more applicable as they in no way hinder traffic flow. A standard base cabinet has an approximate depth of 24 inches. Fitting these fixtures below an island countertop can significantly enhance available storage solutions. Vertical drawers can also be installed in corners that would otherwise be left as dead space and can be used to store a variety of items, helping to declutter the kitchen. Their sleek slide-out designs are a great way to enhance aesthetics when adopting a contemporary look with one’s design. It’s essential to ensure that any base cabinets installed don’t interfere with the layout of the room. None of the fixtures should encroach on any of the pathways or limit mobility in any way. 

Integrating Easy Access Systems 

Making your kitchen’s items and appliances more accessible is a rather unnoticed but effective means of enhancing storage. Integrating a work triangle, for instance, is a good way to improve movement during meal preparation. Placing frequently used bowls and cutlery in a plastic bin in one corner of the countertop, for instance, can be easier than placing the same items in a mounted cabinet. How elements are organized and the fixtures implemented to assist with the layout deal with intricate details that influence matters from the background. Installing pull-out drawers with corner cabinets is another great means of enhancing access in problem areas. Child safety should also be considered when it comes to access. Any drawers with sharp or toxic items should have a child-lock system installed for safety purposes. 

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