When Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

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Remodeling projects can represent a significant investment for homeowners, especially when dealing with functional areas such as bathrooms. Considering the costs involved, not everyone is eager to splurge on a bathroom until needed. 

Some sure signs that you probably need to undertake a bathroom remodeling project include: 

Span of Time 

Many contractors will recommend conducting a bathroom remodel every five to ten years, depending on the materials involved. If your bathroom tiling is ceramic, it’s likely to have a longer shelf-life than laminate and won’t need replacing for a longer period. 

A Drop in Functionality 

In some cases, the bathroom itself might look good, but the fixtures won’t work too well. If only one of two faucets is working, water takes a long time to heat up and the showerhead sputters after a period, a remodel will represent more of a necessity than an alternative. It should be noted that remodels address functionality as well as appearance. 


If your new living conditions make your bathroom impractical, then it’s time for a remodel. If your partner moves in with you, for example, you might need additional space or extra storage when dealing with bathroom needs. Hiring an established contractor enhances your chances of a successful remodeling project, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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