Top 3 Bright Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom

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Good lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of an ideal bathroom. Whether you want to create an energizing or soothing environment, suitable lighting is necessary.

We are here to help you. With these top bathroom lighting ideas, you can easily brighten up the ambiance of your space.

  1. Layered lighting

Don’t go for a single-centered light approach. Instead, try to install multiple light sources at different spots to illuminate the whole place.

This way, you can also highlight the areas such as your vanity, shower, and bathtub by using a spotlight. 

  1. Light up mirror

You can install a mirror with backlighting options and brighten up your vanity area. It will not occupy any extra space since the mirror was already supposed to be there.

Choose a warm color profile or even RGB lighting depending upon the mood you want to create.

  1. Hidden lights

If there’s no suitable place for lamps and bulbs in your bathroom, go for the hidden approach. You should consider this setting before you start the bathroom remodeling.

The lights will be tucked under the ceiling and give a modern look to your space.


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