What to Consider with a Sink Installation

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Kitchens are one of the most popular areas to start with when undertaking a remodeling project. In an article published in the Washington Post, Skylar Olsen, the Chief Economist for Zillow states that even the smallest kitchen remodel endeavors can have a great return on investment (ROI). The Architectural Digest notes that upgrading your kitchen can have up to a 67% ROI, while a complete kitchen remodel can feature an ROI of up to 75%. 

One of the primary sectors that a majority of extensive kitchen remodeling projects focus on is the sink. This feature represents a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to a functional kitchen and no cooking area is complete without one. As simple as it sounds, there are multiple options to consider when having a Framingham MA Kitchen Remodeling contractor focus on this area. Some of the things to keep in mind with a sink installation include: 


The primary purpose of the sink should play a big role in your final decision. There are hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from when it comes to sink designs, but not every option will suit a variety of needs. Elements such as the size of your household and your domestic eating habits can determine the best kind of sink for your kitchen. If you don’t prepare meals regularly, for example, and generally just need a sink for washing hands and rinsing a small number of plates then a small-sized sink wouldn’t represent a problem. However, if you reside in a large household that prepares home meals on a daily basis, then a farmhouse sink will be better suited to your needs, as the depth will be needed to handle a large number of dishes. Many modern homes have a dishwasher nowadays, however, which has seen bigger sinks go out of style in most urban neighborhoods. 


The placement of your sink will also play a major role in the effectiveness of this fixture. As with the aspect of size, there’s no one solution when it comes to the proper placement of your sink. Two of the major aspects to consider when looking for the best place to position this fixture is practicality and available space. In terms of practicality, your sink should be positioned just below or next to the dishwasher to make it easier to store the dirty dishes after clearing them into the basin. Contractors also recommend placing the sink a fair distance from the oven and stove as fire and water elements don’t mix. The fixture should also be placed away from sockets or any live wires to avoid electrical mishaps. Some designers recommend placing the sink in a corner to allow for more space, ensuring individuals don’t interrupt any traffic ways when working on this station. 


The kind of material implemented with your sink installation project can have a significant influence on aspects such as the overall budget and stylistic direction. It can also determine aspects such as longevity and durability. Stainless steel is recommended by a majority of Framingham MA Kitchen Remodeling professionals. This option not only offers a pocket-friendly alternative but is also impressively durable. They’re also easy to clean and their antibacterial properties ensure that no germs can fester on the surface. 

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