What to Consider with a Bathtub Surround

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In simple terms, a tub surround is an outer layer that encases the walls around the fixture, helping to funnel water back into the tub and protecting the walls against water damage and molding.

Some elements to consider when installing a surround with your Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project include:

Size and Dimensions

The dimensions of your surround will depend on the particular perimeter of the tub. The height will range between 30 and 75 inches or at least 3 to 5 inches above the showerhead. Most contractors advise the higher, the better when choosing a suitable height, as water can tend to have a far reach.


The next aspect to consider is the best materials for your needs. In most cases, tile installations are a great means of integrating this fixture into your bathroom, with multiple options to choose from, with porcelain, ceramic, and glass representing some of the more popular options available in the market. Precast concrete has also become a popular alternative in recent years.

Installation Services

Hiring a professional is advisable when looking to enhance quality results. Many established providers offer their products coupled with installation packages. A mistake during this stage will undermine the entire point of the fixture. For high-quality bathtub surrounds and installation services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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