What to Consider with a Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom renovations have grown in popularity in the remodeling market over the past decade. This section of the house represents one of the more crucial areas of a residence, as no household can survive without a functional toilet or washing area. Enhancing this space is also a surefire way to increase the potential resale value of your home should you be thinking about placing it on the market. There’s a wide scope of aspects to consider when implementing a bathroom renovation project, and a first-timer might find the entire process if they’re not sure about what to expect. 

Some crucial issues to consider with a Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Developing a Strict Budget 

A common mistake made by homeowners undertaking a renovation project is a failure to determine a budget and set it in stone before commencing. As earlier mentioned, these ventures can involve numerous activities. If one doesn’t carefully plan their expenses, they can easily go overboard as they’re attracted to multiple options that they had not initially planned for. It’s important to first identify the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your renovation. This number should be a clear constant and leave no room for negotiation. Once you have your budget, all planned activities should circle around this number. Identifying the primary objectives on which your budget should be concentrated is also recommended to enhance satisfactory results. For example, you can plan for the majority of your budget to focus on improving your bathroom’s plumbing, and use the remaining sum to handle any other business. 

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Many homeowners are tempted to undertake their renovation project as a DIY to mitigate expenses. Tackling these activities without professional assistance, however, isn’t always recommended. This approach could prove detrimental to saving expenses, however, as the lack of experience and expertise enhances the potential margin for error. In some cases, taking on a project as a DIY when dealing with elements such as electrical connections can lower the safety levels of the room. A poor connection can place individuals at risk of coming in contact with naked wires that could lead to a fatal accident. Minimal changes such as mounting cabinets and paint jobs can be taken as a DIY, but any complex ventures should be left to the professionals. A good way of identifying activities that should be left in the hands of established contractors is by checking if the activties need a permit to accomplish. Anything covering a vast section of the bathroom should also be undertaken by professionals, as they will likely represent a significant investment. 

Customize your Design Layout 

Integrating changes that will cater to the personal needs of your household is another effective strategy to implement with your Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling project. If you’re living with elderly or disabled individuals, for instance, installing a support system in the shower such as grab bars can be a good way of improving accessibility and maneuverability, as well as enhancing safety levels. You can also lower the levels of your sinks to a more manageable height for the children in your home – ensuring they don’t need to climb any wobbly stools to wash their hands. 

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