Choosing a Color for your Bathroom Remodel

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There are numerous options available when it comes to colors and shades. Choosing a suitable option for your bathroom can be daunting when confronted with this myriad of choices. Some issues to keep in mind with your Bathroom Remodeling project when choosing an appropriate color include:

Pick Three Colors

Choosing one color for the entire room can come off as monotonous. Opting for two or three colors allows you to develop a color scheme that can be more pleasing to the eye. The brightest of your colors should become the leading shade, with the second-brightest covering 20% and the third-brightest covering 10% of the room.

Use a Neutral Tone for your Primary Color

Choosing neutral tones for your primary color will enhance your options when it comes to accentuations. Colors such as white, brown, and gray have no undertones in their hue, allowing them to develop a complementary relationship with almost any other color. Black is the one neutral color that isn’t recommended by contractors when choosing a primary overtone.

Use a Color Wheel

Implementing a color wheel is a great way to help you make an appropriate choice. You can go for complementary colors which are generally positioned opposite each other or go for colors that merge which are usually positioned next to each other. For high-quality paint jobs, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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