Stages of a Bathroom Remodel

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If you’ve never undertaken a bathroom remodel before, you might not know what to expect. Leaving things to the professionals is a good way to ensure everything functions smoothly. However, gaining some knowledge on what takes place during such a project can also help adequately prepare for what is to come. 

Some of the key stages of a bathroom remodel include: 


The first stage of any bathroom remodel process is determining your wants and needs and drawing up a viable solution to satisfy those requirements. You can highlight the work you want doing, and then find a professional who will undertake the practical aspect of bringing your ideas to life. The contractor will let you know what will and won’t work with your plans. 


The next stage involves the demolition and disassembly of any existing structures and fixtures that will be replaced or removed from the space. The demolition stage represents the actual start of the activities involved and can be completed quickly depending on what needs to be removed. 


The final stage of your bathroom remodel will involve the installation of the new fixtures and features. This stage is more delicate than the demolition process, and should only be handled by experts with professional experience. If you’re looking for the best contracting services in your city, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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