What to Ask your Decking Contractor

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Hiring a professional is the only way to go when looking to ensure a successful decking project. Finding a suitable candidate for your venture heavily relies on the questions involved in your interview process.

Some of the questions you should integrate with your interview of potential Deck Builders for your project include:

Is your practice legally registered? – It’s essential to select a firm that’s officially licensed with all relevant authorities. Asking for the contracting firm’s license number and verifying their registration via public online databases is a good first step.

Do you handle permit applications? – Most states require homeowners to acquire a building permit before they can commence any decking project. Having your contractor handle this requirement on your behalf enhances your chances of approval.

Do you have verifiable references? – Contacting previous clients can give you a firsthand outlook on what to expect from the services of a candidate. The references provided must be reliable sources that are not personally connected to the firm.

How long will the project take? – Establishing an estimated time for completion is crucial to your planning regarding aspects such as notifying the neighbors and developing alternative entryways.

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