Latest Trends in Deck Building 

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Taking the time to consider current trends can enhance the overall value of your deck design. You can integrate these trends into your project or manipulate these ideas to develop your unique style. Some of the leading trends taking over the deck building market in recent times include: 

Sleek Railings 

Railings simply represented a safety precaution in the past. Deck builders are now looking at this feature as part of an overall design. Aluminum poles have been all the rage because of their sleek design, while cable deck railings have become popular with homeowners going for a more modern look. Wooden options with custom patterns are also slowly gaining traction. 

Custom Lighting 

Switching the traditional porch light for a more custom design can completely transform this area. Strip lighting around the railing, for example, creates an inviting ambiance during the evening. You can also install café lighting fixtures to create an outdoorsy vibe with a friendly feel. 

Standout Patterns, Colors, and Designs 

You can combine various colors and shades to create a standout design that reflects your personality. Installing custom deck boards, for example, enables you to create mosaic templates that catch the eye and improve aesthetics. If you’re looking for expert deck builders in your area, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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