Trending Bathroom Appliances in 2023

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The bathroom is one of the more popular sections of a house for homeowners looking to initiate a remodeling project.

Thanks to advancements in technology, appliances have been designed that has all but revolutionized the domestic bathroom experience. Some of the leading trends that have been integrated with Bathroom Remodel projects include:

Bathroom Dehumidifiers

As the name suggests, dehumidifiers are designed to reduce humidity levels within a room, which is an aspect that is prominent with bathrooms due to the love of hot showers. Installing a dehumidifier can discourage occurrences such as molding and rot, especially when dealing with areas that aren’t adequately ventilated.

Shower Speakers

Audio entertainment has grown in leaps and bounds since the introduction of waterproof speakers. Enjoying some music or listening to your favorite podcast is a great way to enhance your shower experience and get you ready for the day.

In-wall Storage

Having cabinets aligned to the walls can transform not only the entire space of the bathroom but ensures a streamlined design that encourages a modernistic look to the space. This approach also ensures effective spatial distribution of the available space. For high-tech bathroom remodel solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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