Leading Bathroom Remodel Trends in 2022 

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If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you would probably want to give it a modern feel unless you’re intent on a retro theme. Looking through a few leading trends currently taking over the market can give you a few ideas you can implement with your project. Some stylistic aspects currently in vogue include: 

Black Fixtures and Units 

While bathrooms were synonymous with whitewashed interior décor, this outlook has evolved in recent years. Many homeowners are exploring new ideas for this space, and matte black has become a leading contender for bathroom fixtures and elements of décor. The fact that this hue can combine with most colors has made it even more popular. 

Bold Patterns and Colors 

Another striking trend in the bathroom remodel scene is the application of bold wallpapers that feature colors and patterns that stand out. Adding bright colors to this section not only livens up this space. It also encourages the propagation of natural light in different directions. Bold patterns are also a great way to instigate various themes into a design. 

Going Green 

Plants not only replace carbon dioxide with oxygen but can potentially clear the air of harmful toxins. The Boston fern, English ivy, and eucalyptus plant are some of the popular species that can thrive in this room. If you’re seeking a reliable professional to guide you through your bathroom remodel, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor. 

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