Signs of a Quality Paint Job

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If it’s your first time hiring a professional for a paint job, you might not know what to look for when attempting to judge the work being done. In most cases, you’ll want to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth, especially when investing a significant sum. Some things to look out for to ensure a quality job is being done include:

Examining the Joints and Edges

The joints and edges of a room are some of the more complicated areas to address. If the work of your painting contractor exhibits straight lines in these sections, it can be argued that they know what they’re doing. A common part of this section is where the ceiling meets the walls, especially when two colors are involved.

Even Shading across a Section

If one part of your wall happens to be a darker blue than the rest, then you definitely haven’t hired an astute professional. Any section of a room should exhibit consistency, not only with the shades involved but with texture as well. Roller marks, splatters, and obvious brush strokes are all signs of a shoddy job.

Unblemished Fixtures and Faceplates

Fixtures such as knobs and sockets should be virtually untouched by the paint involved, with only its borders exhibiting any trace of color. Most professionals will effectively cover these areas to ensure they don’t get any paint on them. We hope you found this helpful!
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