Stages of Painting a House

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There are a lot of things involved with painting a house, especially when the area involved represents a significant surface area. Whether you’re thinking about hiring a professional or planning on doing the job yourself, there are a few stages you have to keep in mind.

Some of these include:

Repair and Preparation

The first thing any professional painter will tell you when dealing with a major project is that your house has to be adequately prepared for a fresh coat of paint. This involves removing any dirt via a pressure wash, as well as sanding down any areas that are suffering from excessive peeling or flaking. You’ll also need to address any cracks, loose caulking, and related damages around the house.

Schedule an Appropriate Time

Unfortunately painting your house (especially when dealing with the exterior) is not a year-round activity. Too much heat or excessive cold can be detrimental to the end product. You’ll also need to avoid this activity during the rainy season. The best time to schedule a paint job is between late spring and early autumn.

Apply Primer and Paint

Once your house is ready, you can now apply a primer to ensure the adhesiveness of the paint. In most cases, professionals advise using a primer, followed by two coats of paint to enhance the final result. In most cases, using a white primer is recommended, especially when dealing with light colors.

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