Rules and Regulations Related to Deck Building

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Adding a deck to your house can be a great remodel project if you’re looking for exterior solutions that can be handled on a budget. This extension offers many benefits to the homeowner and is generally easy to clean and maintain. However, some codes and standards govern these construction projects, and it’s crucial to adhere to these regulations or face a nasty fine. 

Deck Rules and Regulations 

A majority of regions in the US adhere to the International Building Code, in which section R507 is dedicated to addressing decking codes and regulations. Although this is the leading regulatory body in this sector, some buildings and neighborhoods also adhere to their regulations, which aren’t necessarily similar to that of the IRC. 

It should also be noted that different regions tend to have little variations in the detailing of their codes. It’s essential to identify these differences should you relocate and want to install a deck in your new home. Established Newton MA deck builders are already familiar with the codes and regulations in their region, so hiring a professional is your best chance of ensuring you’re up to code during construction. 

Most deck codes are related to the safety of the structure and should never be ignored. If you’re looking for reliable decking services at affordable rates, don’t be afraid to call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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