Turning Your Deck Into an Entertainment Space

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Transforming your deck into an additional entertainment space is a great way to enhance its functionality and purpose. There are several strategies you can implement when looking to accomplish this objective. Some popular alternatives include: 

Tech Upgrades 

The most obvious way to transform your deck into an entertainment area is by integrating a variety of tech upgrades like an audio system, smart outdoor lighting, and a virtual assistant. You can also add an electronic insect zapper in areas that tend to be bug infected come nightfall. Installing smart plugs can influence non-smart tech like a sprinkler system. 

Shelf-based Railing Systems 

Hiring Newton MA deck builders to customize your railing system to incorporate shelf spaces along the sides can be a great design for placing cups and plates during gatherings. This system can be easily integrated with existing rails or built into a new structure. These structures can act like bar-like table space. 

Going Green 

Adding various plants and shrubbery along this space is a great way to gentrify your deck. There are different potted plants you can choose from, or you can also opt for customized designs and integrate a miniature garden within the floor space. Hiring experienced deck-building professionals is your best chance of success, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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