Remodeling a Small Bathroom

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One of the popular areas targeted by homeowners for a remodeling project is the bathroom. There are numerous aspects to consider with such a venture, and the particular approach adopted depends on your particular objectives and circumstances. A common challenge faced by many remodeling enthusiasts when dealing with this part of the house is having to work with limited space. 

The standard-sized bathroom can be somewhat small when compared to other rooms. Implementing a remodeling project can be complicated when looking to efficiently utilize available space. Luckily, as the urban adage states, size doesn’t matter. With the right strategy, you can bring about beautiful and functional results with a remodel no matter the size of your bathroom. Some great ways to handle small spaces with your Framingham Bathroom Remodeling project include: 

Recessed Fixtures 

One of the more popular options available with small bathrooms is the implementation of niches and recessed units. In simple terms, these refer to installations that have been inserted into a hollow cavity within the wall to avoid protrusions that can limit movement. Recessed cabinets and shelves, for example, can offer storage solutions that are level with the wall’s surface and don’t infringe on the space directly above the floor. Recessed lighting can also replace hanging corona fixtures, instilling a sense of modern elegance and creating a sense of enhanced space by creating an illusion of extended height. 

Integrate Light Color Schemes  

The color scheme you implement with your remodel will determine the aspect of size in terms of perception. If you’re already working with a small space, avoiding darker colors and a varying range of hues is recommended as they will only make the area seem a bit more constricted. Implementing a monochromatic approach with light colors that reflect light is recommended when looking to make an area seem bigger than it is. You can never go wrong with the orthodox hospital white that has been in play for centuries, while modern homeowners have recently turned to alternatives such as soft grays, icy blues, and sea greens. Contrasting colors can make a restricted space seem even smaller as the different colors tend to divide the area into even smaller sections, instilling the sense of cramped spaces. 

Enhanced Lighting 

Increasing the amount of light available in the bathroom can also make it feel bigger when looking around. This is because increased lighting firstly limits the shadows in the room, which tend to make a room feel smaller as your eyes tend to disregard unclear areas and focus on clear parts. As such, shadows will technically tend to limit the perception of a room’s size in your mind’s eye. Secondly, additional lighting creates a layered effect when using different levels of brightness for different parts of the bathroom. You can enhance the lighting in this space artificially by installing extra light fixtures, or naturally by adding extra windows or enlarging existing ones. The former is recommended as the simpler option as you’ll need to apply for a permit before you can change the window setup. 

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