What Permits do you Need for a Bathroom Remodel?

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One of the key issues to be considered with any bathroom remodel is the potential permits required for the potential project. Some of the circumstances that will require a permit application with your Bathroom Remodel activities include:

Room Expansions

Any demolition of load-bearing walls will require a building permit to accomplish. In simple terms, anything involving structural changes to the residence will require a building permit. As such, demolishing even a section of a wall instead of the entire structure will require city inspectors to verify safety conditions for such changes before a permit can be approved.

Plumbing and Piping Changes

Changes that will affect the plumbing network will need a permit. These changes, however, refer to major aspects such as piping and water flow management. Changing the faucets on your sink, for example, won’t require a permit – but adding a new sink or a bathtub will need approval from your local building authority. Anything affecting the sewer lines will also need a permit.

Electrical Wiring

Activities that involve changing the wiring of your residence will need a permit. This can include projects such as adding new sockets to the wall or rerouting the wiring in the lighting to accommodate additional fixtures. An established contractor should handle all permits required on your behalf, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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