Kitchen Countertops and Cabinet Remodels

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Kitchen remodels can involve numerous activities. If you’re looking for an effective means of mitigating your budget while transforming the overall appearance, focusing on the countertops and cabinets is a great place to start.

Some helpful pointers you can implement when revamping counters and cabinets with your Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling project include:

Refurbishment vs. Replacement

An effective way of keeping the costs down is revamping these fixtures instead of replacing them with new ones. If your counter and cabinets aren’t damaged and you’re simply going for a new look, a fresh coat of paint or sanding down stained areas can have the same results as an entirely new set.

Minimal Replacements

If you’re looking for a more significant change you can replace your cabinet doors and countertop surfaces. This can significantly alter the aesthetics available and still represent a cheaper option. Replacing wooden doors with sliding glass options, for example, will make it look like you’ve installed new cabinets. The same can be said for countertop surfaces.

Integrating Additions

You can choose to add extra cabinets to your kitchen or extend the reach of your existing countertop. Not only does this revamp the room’s appearance, but also enhances storage solutions and available workspace. We offer a wide variety of cabinet and countertop solutions, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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