Plumbing and Kitchen Remodels

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One of the major aspects of any kitchen remodel is plumbing. In most cases, it’s generally advisable to leave the initial setup as is. However, if you’re planning a total overhaul, some of the issues you might want to consider include: 

Additional Shut Offs 

Ensuring areas such as the sink and dishwasher are connected to shut-offs during a Kitchen Remodel is a good way to control the water supply system in the kitchen. Such a setup will ensure you can easily respond to leaks, as they regulate the flow of water to these areas. 

Modernizing your Plumbing 

If your house is over two decades old it might still feature iron piping in its plumbing. Installing new PVC piping is a good place to start, for example, as they’re easier to handle, free of leaks, and are easier to reroute. They’re also quite affordable compared to other alternatives. 

Position the Dishwasher next to the Sink 

Placing the dishwasher next to the sink is a great way to enhance ease of connection when it comes to waterworks. Preferably, this appliance should be installed on the drainer side of the sink. If you’re seeking reliable remodeling services, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor. 

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