How to Prepare for an Interior Paint Job

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Residential paint jobs are generally categorized into exterior and interior projects. These categories are generally approached in different ways because of the nature of the activities involved. Some of the things you should consider when addressing an interior paint job include: 

Clearing the Room 

The first step with any interior paint job is to remove any portable items from the space involved before the Newton MA painter arrives. This includes any electronics, appliances, or movable furniture. Items that are too bulky to move should be centered in one spot and covered to protect them from any unintended splashes. 

Cleaning the Walls 

Many people don’t consider their walls when conducting cleaning activities, meaning a layer of dust, dirt, and stains settle on them over an extended period. Scrubbing down the walls allows the painters to get straight to work upon their arrival which can greatly save time. A clean wall ensures the paint used can effectively bond with the surface it’s applied on. 

Give the Workers some Space 

It’s better to clear the workspace of anyone who’s not involved with the painting, to allow contractors to work efficiently and avoid potential accidents. Having your little children running through the rooms being painted can be a major distraction and lead to spilled cans of paint and other mishaps. If you want a professional interior paint job done, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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