How to Inspect a Deck’s Quality

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Carrying out a deck inspection isn’t common knowledge, and most people are not sure of how to go about it. If you’re trying to evaluate whether your deck has suffered any damage or requires further investigation, some of the strategies you can use to determine its overall quality include: 

Check for Visible Damage 

If there are multiple loose floorboards, sagging sections, mold, or water damage, calling established porch builders to handle the situation is advisable. In some cases, the damage might not be too obvious and can occur in the form of water pooling around the posts, for instance, or railings starting to loosen. 

Compromised Ledgers 

If your deck’s ledger is compromised and coming loose at the foot of the house, then the entire structure could be compromised. Such signs show that the deck might be suffering under the weight it’s exposed to regularly. You’ll need stronger connections to keep the framework together. 

Rusting Connections 

If the nails and bolts holding the different pieces have largely rusted and a few of them are coming loose, you’ll need to deck contracting services to refurbish these areas. It’s best to handle this matter early before the structure suddenly crumbles. We offer the best deck reconstruction services in town, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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