Great Ways to Upgrade Your Home During a Remodel

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Depending on when your house was built, it might not be fully fitted for modern needs or improved functionality. Initiating a remodel allows you to integrate modernized additions that can greatly improve your overall quality of life. 

Some great ways you can instill upgrades with your home remodel include: 

Improving the Electrical Outlet System 

Switching out your old fuse boxes for circuit breakers can greatly improve the access and management of electricity in your home. Fuse boxes can no longer handle the energy needs of a modern house, as they were designed to handle fewer appliances. You can also choose to exchange some traditional outlets with USB alternatives to enhance your plug-in options. 

Replacing the Lighting 

Many old houses have traditional lighting systems that tend to spend more energy than they should. Replacing your bulbs with eco-friendly options and installing timers on the switches can be a great way of reducing the amount of energy you spend. You can also upgrade your panel to bring in more power. 

Installing a Security System 

Most old homes have no modern security system apart from the traditional lock and key. There are multiple security options you can add to enhance the safety of your home, including easy-to-install doorbell cameras and notification systems. If you’re looking for quality remodeling solutions, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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