Great Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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If you’re thinking about implementing a remodeling venture in your home, one of the crucial elements to consider is where to start. Initiating a complete overhaul of your home is hardly ever a financially feasible ambition, and even if you’re planning on addressing every section of your residence – there’s a high likelihood that you’ll need to do it in stages due to budgetary limitations. According to a report published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), bathroom remodels are the second most popular rooms to renovate in the US residential market, with kitchens coming first with a minuscule 1% lead (81% to bathroom’s 80%). 

Bathrooms represent one of the most crucial sections of a house and its functionality cannot be taken for granted. Some great ways a Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling contractor can upgrade this part of the house include: 

Creating Designated Areas 

An effective means of fully utilizing your bathroom’s layout is by integrating designated areas that serve different purposes. This can involve the integration of fixtures designed to enhance the functionality of particular spaces, as well as the implementation of varying styles and designs to indicate the different sections in the bathroom. You can use different hues and levels of lighting to help in the depiction of these different areas. The seating/drying section can feature warmer lights like yellow, for example, while shower areas should have brighter ambiances that encourage clear visibility such as white LED lights. The designated areas involved will depend on your particular needs and preferences. Some popular designation options include seating areas, storage, and brushing or makeup sections. 

Integrating Hidden Storage 

Hidden storage solutions have become a popular trend in recent years, especially when dealing with areas with restricted space. This approach offers a streamlined environment that features a modern and harmonious appearance and increases floor space that can be utilized for other facilities. The most popular means of implementing hidden storage solutions is through an in-built approach. Instead of traditional cabinets, individuals can construct recesses within the walls where cabinets can be inlaid and set flush along the walls. Other hidden solutions include integrating pull-out drawers beneath the tubs and pull-up shelf columns next to the sink. 

Integrating Automated Solutions 

Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds and influenced Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling contractors to change their approach when it comes to upgrade solutions. Automated solutions are one of the most popular options available in this category, with smart technology allowing for the integration of features such as timers, remote access, and motion-sensor fixtures. Digital showers are one of the more popular options in this category, featuring an in-built thermostat and programmable functions. Other modern technologies include waterproof audiovisual systems, motion-sensor faucets, and voice-activated systems. Integrating smart systems into your bathroom can feature multiple solutions including enhanced energy efficiency, reduction of waste, improved utilization of resources, and reduced utility bills. This approach is also an effective means of significantly enhancing the ROI enjoyed with your project. 

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