Finding the Right Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

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The bathroom is arguably one of the more popular sections of a house when it comes to remodeling projects. According to Global Market Insights, the US bathroom remodeling market was valued at $59 billion in 2020 and was projected to experience a growth rate of 4% between 2021 and 2027. Research website Statista reported that 45% of homeowners included the master bathroom as part of their renovation plans in 2022. 

How you approach your bathroom remodeling project can influence the potential success enjoyed with the results. Hiring a certified Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling contractor greatly enhances your chances of success. Some helpful tips to adopt when looking for the right candidate include: 

Delve into your Options 

It’s essential to take your time when looking through your options in the market. There are thousands of contractors available, but not every service provider represents a good recruitment option. Taking the time to identify and analyze different alternatives can help you get the best deal possible at that current time. It’s worth noting that pricing shouldn’t be the only element used in the comparison of suitable options. Elements such as reliability, skill sets, and legibility should also take a front seat in the decision-making process. You can seek referrals from close individuals that you trust, as well as conduct an independent online search of available alternatives. Identifying 6 to 7 initial candidates and whittling that number down to 2 or 3 is recommended when looking to scour the market for your best option. 

Verify their License 

Once you have decided on the 2 or 3 most viable candidates for your needs, the next step involves ensuring their registration. Hiring a licensed contractor is crucial in terms of ensuring a financial safety net for your project and acquiring legal permission for the venture. Unregistered contractors are generally not insured, meaning that you’ll be liable for any damages or accidents that take place during the project. These individuals will also be unfamiliar with the building codes involved with different renovations, meaning your results are unlikely to pass an official inspection. Verifying a contractor’s license can be easily accomplished by running the number through the online databases provided by local building authorities. 

Review their Past Projects 

One of the best ways to ensure that the Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling contractor you choose is suitable for your needs is by reviewing their past work. Every established contractor has a portfolio of their past work. A general rule of thumb is that any professional should have a portfolio consisting of multiple images and sources regarding their work. Any portfolio with limited information about the project and containing just one or two photos should serve as a red flag. The references provided by the contractor should also represent dependable sources that can be contacted to verify their connection to the contractor. Many established contractors have several testimonials from previous and current clients featured on their websites to help potential clients with their research. 

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