Enhancing Available Kitchen Space

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The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) reported that the kitchen has become one of the top rooms trending in the home improvement sector. A study published by Architectural Digest reported that expenditure on kitchen upgrades rose by 25% between 2020 and 2021, with spending expected to surpass $400 million by the end of 2023. The popularity of kitchen remodels is due to the importance of the room in terms of functionality. A malfunctioning kitchen can drastically affect the quality of life enjoyed by a household, with aspects such as meal preparations and food storage having a significant influence on the standard of living enjoyed within a residence. 

An essential aspect to consider when thinking about a Framingham MA Kitchen Remodelling project is the spatial application of the area involved. The size of a kitchen can greatly affect the potential success of a renovation when considering suitable design solutions. It’s worth noting that this area is generally one of the smallest rooms in a house and yet it’s still expected to host several people at a go on multiple occasions. As such, the way an individual utilizes the available space in their kitchen when undertaking a remodel is highly essential when targeting success. Some effective strategies that can be implemented when looking to get the best out of this sector include: 

Orthodox Decluttering 

Many people think of remodeling ventures as the process of adding elements to a space to enhance its functionality and aesthetics. However, removing unneeded fixtures and features can be just as important when looking to enhance available space. Taking the time to identify items that can be negated from a kitchen setup without having an adverse effect offers additional space to move around, and the opportunity to integrate new aspects without resulting in cramped quarters. The best place to start with this strategy is to set aside every item used daily. This allows you to examine the remaining objects to determine what isn’t needed. Anything that’s only used for special occasions and can’t fit in a standard drawer, for instance, should be discarded. Anything that represents an unnecessary spare part should also be thrown out or stored in another vicinity. Installing combination appliances is another effective means of decluttering this space. Finding solutions that can technically kill two birds with one stone, for instance, is a great way to enhance available space. Combi ovens are one of the more popular options in this category, allowing users to choose from several cooking modes that are all available on one device. 

Utilizing Dead Space 

Dead space can be defined as sectors that have been left unused but still hold potential. Framingham MA Kitchen Remodelling professionals note that not all empty space is dead space. Cramming designs and elements in every free space you can find is never advisable. It’s essential to leave a little space between different elements of a kitchen, such as mounted shelving and countertops, allowing the room to breathe. Dead space can be identified as a significant amount of space with no close elements neighboring its borders. Corners, empty walls, and significant space in the middle of the room are great examples of dead space. Installing solutions such as corner shelving, narrow cabinets, and pull-out drawers are excellent ways of utilizing dead space. 

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