How Much Should a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

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Remodeling ventures hold a wide scope of benefits depending on the areas involved. The kitchen represents one of the most popular spaces available when it comes to such projects. If you’re thinking about undertaking such a venture, one of the primary issues to consider is the potential costs involved.

Some of the aspects to consider when budgeting for a Newton MA Kitchen Remodeling project includes:


Providing adequate storage space prevents clutter and enhances aesthetics. According to HomeAdvisor, installing new kitchen cabinets can cost just over $5000 on average. However, the price will be affected by several external elements such as material, size, and style. All in all, you can purchase a vanity set for between $1000 and $10000.


Enhancing the lighting in this area improves visibility, increasing safety levels. Going for a stylistic approach such as recessed lighting can cost about $2000 for mid-range fixtures. Simply replacing your current bulb with an LED option will only cost you around $20 to $30. 

A kitchen remodel can cost as low as $1000 when dealing with functionality and as high as $50000 for exotic solutions. We offer a wide variety of quality, affordable remodel solutions, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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