Designing the Perfect Bathroom

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Remodeling projects have gained massive popularity in the past decades as homeowners continue to seek effective ways to enhance the overall resale value of their residences. There are numerous options to choose from with such projects, and the bathroom represents one of the best options when it comes to boosting the functionality of one’s house. A cost vs. value report published by Remodeling Magazine stated that bathroom renovations represented the best return on investment (ROI), averaging 78.3%. 

Despite the favorable ROI featured with these sections, studies have found that a majority of homeowners are generally motivated by personal reasons when it comes to transforming this particular space. A survey published by the research website Statista in 2022 found that 48% of the participants stated that the primary reason they chose to remodel their bathrooms was that they could no longer stand the style of the area and wanted a change. As such, a majority of individuals are determined to implement a bespoke approach when deciding on the design of their new bathrooms. Some effective strategies that can be integrated when looking to accomplish this objective include: 

The Importance of Involving Your Contractor 

One of the simplest ways to enhance the potential design of your Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling project is by hiring a qualified contractor and having them involved in the development stage. Many people make the mistake of simply hiring a contractor and informing them of what they would like, ignoring any potential input that could be provided by the professional. However, just because a certain objective can be accomplished doesn’t always make it a suitable solution for the project involved. This approach limits the impact that a contractor’s expertise and experience can have on the venture, shackling the final result in the process. 

It’s worth noting that a contractor will do their best to provide the best results possible but to do this, their client will need to let them influence the venture. If your sole focus remains on your initial plans without welcoming new ideas, there’s a high likelihood that there are elements you might ignore that could have improved the outcome. Installing wooden tiles on your bathroom walls, for example, isn’t a great idea and will yield catastrophic consequences in the long run because of the nature of the material involved. A contractor can help you circumnavigate this issue by suggesting ceramic or porcelain tiles that mimic wooden appearances while still maintaining the suitability of the fixtures for that particular environment. 

Functionality Over Aesthetics 

Established Newton MA Bathroom Remodeling contractors always recommend focusing on the operations of the area before turning one’s attention to the appearance. Aesthetically pleasing transformations will have no long-term effects if the underlying operations are not in good order. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom. The plumbing network represents the most essential area of this room, and elements such as lighting, safety, and electrical wiring should also be addressed before any aesthetic projects. Failure to do so would ruin the look of the bathroom as a result of consequences such as leaks, electrical shortages, and deterioration of the textiles over time. 

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