Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

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Bathroom remodels are arguably one of the most popular options for residential renovation projects. A poll conducted by Today’s Homeowner in 2022 targeting homeowners with remodeling experience found that 27% of those interviewed focused on a bathroom remodel, making it the most popular section of the house to update. When done correctly, upgrading this area can feature multiple benefits, some of which include: 

Significant Return On Investment (ROI) 

The kind of ROI you will enjoy with your Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling project will depend on several aspects including the funds invested, the activities involved, and the quality of the results. Numerous studies have reported that full-scale bathroom remodels can bring about an ROI of approximately 60%. It should be noted that the ROI is generally enjoyed when a homeowner places their residence on the market, as this allows them to increase their asking price. Individuals who choose to rent out their property, however, can also enjoy a feasible return on their capital investment by raising the rent as a result of upgraded amenities. As mentioned earlier, the initial funds invested will influence the ROI enjoyed. Investing $2000 on a tile installation project, for example, will likely only bring a gain of a couple of hundred dollars. Full-scale bathroom remodels, however, might cost about $20,000 and feature a return of approximately $15,000. As such, it can be argued that the more you invest the higher the potential ROI involved. 

Improved Functionality 

In simple terms, functionality can be defined as the ability of a fixture to accommodate a particular purpose. Initiating a bathroom remodel enhances the practicality of this space, allowing for higher-quality experiences when utilized. In this case, functionality is measured according to the particular needs and requirements of a homeowner. Individuals living with senior citizens, for example, might want to install grab bars within the shower to offer a stable support system for these elderly individuals. Having your Framingham MA Bathroom Remodeling contractor install an instant hot water system can also be another effective solution for households with few bathrooms and busy mornings – as individuals will have a shorter waiting period after a person leaves the shower for the water to heat up again. 

Better Standards of Living 

Improving your overall shower or bath experience can be an effective way of improving your general standards of living by encouraging a more positive psyche. Apart from the hygiene-related benefits that can be enjoyed with the cleaning process, a comfortable bath or shower can also significantly influence a person’s mood for the better. According to multiple psychological studies, a good bath/shower can reduce the levels of stress and anxiety experienced by an individual as well as promote relaxation and improve the quality of sleep you enjoy. This can lead to a boost in your energy and productivity levels as well as enhance an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. An article published by the University of California (UCLA) also reported that showers can be an effective means of battling symptoms of depression, improving metabolism, and reducing inflammation. 

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