Deciding the Best Size for your Deck

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Choosing an appropriate decking size might not always be as straightforward as one might think. The best size for your project will depend on both internal and external elements. Some of these include:

HOA Regulations

If you live in a neighborhood that’s governed by a Homeowners’ Association, this committee is likely to have a say on anything involving the external appearance of one’s residence. In most cases, the changes you can make to your home, including a deck installation has to be approved by the HOA, which will also regulate the particular dimensions you can integrate with your venture.

Available Space

If you’re working with limited space, the size of your deck will automatically be restricted by the area involved. Working with larger yards offer more options in terms of size, but it’s crucial to ensure that your Porch Builder doesn’t go overboard in terms of square footage, as the larger the deck, the higher the maintenance costs involved.

Suitable Ratios

Many contractors recommend that your deck should never be larger than the largest room in your house. This rule of thumb serves as a reliable guideline when looking to ensure that your deck and residence feature a compatible ratio that complements both sections of the house. For the best decking solutions at affordable rates, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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