Choosing the Best Deck Railing for your Needs

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Deck railings are a feature that’s highlighted as a requirement by building codes in most regions. Failure to integrate this aspect into your deck-building project can lead to hefty fines and in some cases might even result in a demolition notice. 

Some railing elements you should consider when working with Newton MA Deck Builders include: 


In general, most building codes require your railing to be at least 36 inches in height from the deck’s surface to the top of the rails. Anything below this isn’t up to code. You might opt for increased height when looking to improve safety levels in a house with children or are looking to enhance the privacy around this area. 


There are multiple styles available with this fixture as it’s quite flexible. You can choose to go for railings with horizontal balusters, for instance, instead of the traditional vertical alternatives. If you’re keen on privacy you can forgo the space between verticals and implement a closed fence design instead. 


The materials you choose for your deck can have a significant impact on the aesthetics, functionality, and longevity of this feature. Wooden railings are the most popular option and can last for decades with the right treatment. If you’re looking for a more modern alternative you can go for stainless steel. For deck railing ideas, call us today! Exponential Construction is your preferred contractor.

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