When Does Your Deck Need a Remodel?

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A deck is a beautiful addition to any home and offers multiple benefits with its presence. However, just like any part of the house, this area has to be sufficiently maintained to ensure its functionality. 

Some sure signs that you need a deck remodel include: 

Visible Damage 

If there are clear signs of damage and deterioration on your deck’s surface, then it’s time to call in professional porch builders. These signs can include sagging sections, molding, or loose floorboards to name a few. Waiting until there are clear signs of damage such as broken edges and chipped surfaces can significantly raise your maintenance expenses. 


If your deck has gone without refurbishment for over a decade, you should consider a remodel – or at the very least schedule an inspection. Most materials deteriorate over time as a result of exposure to the elements. If your deck has lasted several decades, it’s likely already on its last legs. 

Weakening Support Structure 

If areas such as the posts of your deck are showing significant cracks or wood rot, your framework might be in danger. Ensuring your ledger board hasn’t been compromised is another good way to detect a weakening structure. We offer high-quality deck refurbishing service at affordable rates, so call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor!

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