Choosing the Right Exterior Color for Your House

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Painting your house is a great way to enhance its authentic attributes. There are a variety of things that should be considered when picking out the actual color to be used. A few things you should consider when choosing a particular hue can include: 

Housing Community Regulations 

Some homeowners associations can influence the particular colors you can choose for your house. Although it’s not a nationwide practice, it’s advisable to ensure you’re not potentially infringing on any community regulations before settling on a particular hue with your Newton MA painter. 

Mixing and Matching 

Integrating two or three colors in a color scheme is usually the rule of thumb when painting the outside of your house. Many people think that these choices should belong to the same hue but represent different shades. However, you can also opt for different colors, as long as they go together. An off-white shade, for example, can be completed by a dull gray tone. Dark brown, on the other hand, can go well with a pale yellow. 

Use Test Samples 

Before settling on a final decision, you should take a moment to see what your choices look like in real life. You can request small samples of the colors you have in mind and paint a miniature section of a wall to see how it looks. If you would like some professional advice on the best color for your house call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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