3 Surprising Ways To Refresh Your Old Deck

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Decks are outside of your house. So, they are naturally prone to weather damage and wear and tear over time. 

Has your deck also lost its luster? Here you will find some incredible ways to restore your old and damaged deck.

  1. Making repairs

You should check every part of the deck extensively as moisture can cause rusting of nuts and bolts. Check for any loose joints or cracks on the floor.

Pay special attention to the railings. Repairing these parts will give new strength to your deck.

  1. Surface cleaning

You should clean your deck on an annual basis because it collects a lot of dirt and dust being outside. Use suitable products to clean the surface thoroughly.

You can also opt for water pressure cleaning to deep clean any dirt stuck between the structure of your deck.

  1. Staining

Now that you have a clean and robust deck, it’s time for the staining. It will make your deck look like a new one and give it extra shine. 

Always use a sprayer to get a hassle-free and perfect finish. Remember to cover the plants and walls nearby, so they don’t get stained.


Refreshing your deck can be a tough job. Leave it to the experts. Call the best deck builders now! Exponential Construction: Your preferred contractor.

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