Helpful Tips for Renovating an Old Deck 

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Decks are a great addition to any house, as the increased footage can enhance the property’s potential value. If you already have an existing porch, remodeling the extension to upgrade its design can be more affordable than overhauling the entire structure and starting afresh. 

Some great tips you can implement when refurbishing your deck include: 

Professional Assessments 

Hiring professional deck builders to evaluate what areas require special attention ensures you don’t overlook any structural necessities. The primary objective of any renovation is to ensure structural integrity. Identifying structural needs isn’t always an easy task and might require a professional assessment. 

Study Current Building Codes 

Building codes are not set in stone, and rules and regulations tend to change periodically. Refreshing your knowledge of current regulations allows you to meet any new requirements, such as the need for railing fixtures with particular heights. An experienced contractor can help you easily identify any needed changes. 

Replacement vs. Refurbishment  

Noting which areas can be refurbished and which require an overhaul helps you develop a realistic budget. You might need to replace some sections of the deck flooring, for instance, while the posts and footings can be maintained. If you’re looking for qualified contractors to help with your deck renovations, call us today! Exponential Construction, your preferred contractor.

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